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About us
Conceived in April of 2000 in the spare bedroom of an apartment in Pasadena, California owner Jeremy Turner, his wife Gabriela, and their loyal dog Rascal ventured into the world of antenna balls. Originally created as happysnap.com, the founders had no idea how big the antenna ball business would turn out to be. The first day the site was up, they got an order within minutes and the rest, as they say, is history...Click Here to read more.

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Our Balls are in the News!


Denver Post
May 7th 2001 - "Antenna Ball - A Hot Collectible"
M.L Lyke
Balls Mentioned: All

Star Telegram
April 5th 2001 - "Keep your eye on the ball "
Brandon A. Miller & Catherine Newton
Balls Mentioned: Dancing Clam and Originals

Seattle Post Intelligencer
July 23rd 2001 - "Having a ball with antenna toppers"
M.L Lyke
Balls Mentioned: Dancing Clam and Originals

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December 12th 2002 - "Cool Car Gifts"
C Van Tune
Balls Mentioned: Punk

Los Angeles Times
October 26th 2002 - "Helping the Car Antenna Get Wild"
Leslee Komaiko
Balls Mentioned: Goth Girl

Flash News
March 18th 2002/March 2004
Adam Gnade
Balls Mentioned: Smokin'

St. Pete Times
April 11th 2002 - "Rev It Up! "
Times Staff
Balls Mentioned: Fireman, Devil, Princess, Rainbow, Sunflower, Cowboy, Cowgirl

Las Vegas Review Journal
April 16th 2002 - "AUTO ORNAMENTS: Balls are Back"
Heidi Knapp Rinella
Balls Mentioned: All

Contra Costa Times
November 7th 2002 - "It's a whole new ball game"
Joan Morris
Balls Mentioned: All

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Fox 11 News / KTTV Los Angeles

April 1st 2003 - "What's Hip Around LA"
Jane Yamamoto
Balls Mentioned: Mohawk

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Fort Worth Star Telegram
July 5th 2004- "Mansfield SWAT team puts on happy face"
Susan Schrock
Balls Mentioned: Happy Face


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January 4th 2005- "Internet Success Stories & Alternative Marketing Strategies"
Steve Crawford
Balls Mentioned: All


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My Weird Business
August 9th 2006- "Internet Success Stories & Alternative Marketing Strategies"
My Web Business
Balls Mentioned: All


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QT Auto News
January 4th 2006- "My Antenna Is So Happy"
Jonathan Waters
Balls Mentioned: All

NY Times
July 16th 2006- "Condition Orange "
Phil Patton
Balls Mentioned: Union 76

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TAMPA, FL, JANUARY 31, 2004 - Just in time for the New Year, HappyBalls.com unveils their new 2005 web site with much excitement and new additions. The new site features antenna ball categories such as cartoons, original, and extreme. "The new look resembles our office environment and product line." says Jeremy Turner, CEO of HappyBalls. "When people went to our old site they had to click a bunch of links to find the products they were looking for. With the new site they are able to quickly find Disney Antenna Balls, Antenna Balls that light up, and all major sports such as NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA antenna balls." Besides being easier to navigate, HappyBalls also changed the logo, the colors, and some of its products.
"We are adding 150 new antenna topper designs this year." says Gabby Turner, VP of Marketing. "Our new site says a lot about our company. It's fun, energetic, and happy!"

The new design is based on global customer research and Web analytics to help users do what they want to do efficiently and effectively. "HappyBalls.com is the window into everything about the company, so not only have we redesigned the Web site, we're giving our customers something extra -- a more positive, rewarding and efficient experience with HappyBalls.com," says Jeremy.

HappyBalls.com does over 90% of its business online, hosting more than 50,000 visitors on the web site each week and serving over 10,000 newsletter members on a monthly basis.

The site now features:

  • An optimized homepage design geared to quickly serve up more relevant, meaningful content to different audience segments.
  • Products are grouped by antenna ball category: Originals, Extreme, Sports, Cartoons, Collectibles, and Seasonal.
  • New shopping cart features: Tell A Friend, Wish List, and Order without an account.
  • An improved consumer support site offering antenna ball FAQ's, Live Chat, and an 800 number.
  • Lower prices and more inventory.
  • Ordering with PayPal added. Along with all major credit cards, HappyBalls now allows you to pay with PayPal if you prefer.
  • Added Affiliate Program.

About HappyBalls

HappyBalls is the leading provider of antenna balls and pencil toppers on the internet. With over 500 different and unique items, you can always find something for someone.



HappyBalls.com and In-Concept, Inc. Join Forces to Keep Pace with Antenna Ball Market

TAMPA, Florida, and SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., January 1, 2006 — HappyBalls.com (www.HappyBalls.com), online retailer of antenna ball toppers, and In-Concept, Inc., (www.AntennaBalls.com), developer and distributor of custom antenna toppers, today announced an agreement to join forces.

“This alliance is a perfect fit,” says Jeremy Turner, founder and owner of the Florida-based HappyBalls.com. “Our website carries over 500 hundred unique and collectible antenna toppers,” says Turner. “This partnership will create one of the largest antenna ball manufacturing and distribution companies in the United States."

In-Concept, Inc., has been manufacturing and distributing novelty products and accessories since 1997 to a diverse distribution pipeline encompassing over 20,000 sports, entertainment and automotive retail outlets nationwide. It has produced over 40 million custom antenna toppers for high profile clients and is now focusing on its efforts on high quality Window Graphics at their online store GlassTatz.com. Jason Wall, founder and President of In-Concept, Inc. says, "Happy Balls’ commitment to their business, customer service, and the growth of the market, has made this decision a good one for all antenna ball fans worldwide. We could never have imagined a better alliance”.

“The next time you are driving down the road, look at people’s antennas,” says Turner, “You will be amazed at how many antenna balls are out there. Companies seeking effective advertising methods should consider the low cost of antenna toppers,” he says. “At its peak, Union 76 sold 4 million antenna toppers each year, and if you saw one of their antenna toppers, their advertising message worked – and it worked well. This is viral marketing at its best,” Turner says. “You can get your message across much more cost effectively with four million antenna balls than just one 30-second television commercial. Your customers and potential customers carry your advertisement with them wherever they go for the entire world to see – a constant reminder of your product or service,” says Turner.

Turner says the new combined company will initially focus on the key areas of custom marketing, wholesale, retail and distribution. In-Concept, Inc. will maintain a direct relationship with its large national retailers, while HappyBalls.com focuses on the end consumer, distributors, and smaller retail chains.

Press Contacts:
Gabriela Turner
Tel.: 1-888-HAPPY-67
E-mail: mail@happyballs.com

About HappyBalls

HappyBalls is the leading provider of antenna balls and pencil toppers on the internet. With over 500 different and unique items, you can always find something for someone.



HappyBalls.com Wants You To “Get Happy!”

Cumming, GA, July 21, 2006 —
HappyBalls.com, the largest online retailer of antenna toppers/balls, secures a new trademark -- “Get HappyTM”.

“Sure, we sell antenna balls,” says Jeremy Turner, founder of the six-year old Georgia-based business, “but, that’s not our main job -- our main job is to help people ‘Get Happy!’ Making people happy is in our mission statement, and we have the slogan on our phones, our computers and hanging on our walls.

Even our founding fathers believed in the pursuit of happiness enough to write it into the nation’s Declaration of Independence,” says Turner, “and with over 500 unique and collectible antenna toppers, I think we do a pretty good job of helping people find happiness!”

HappyBalls.com must be doing something right, because it has been gold certified by its customers at BizRate.com. Biz Rate is an online comparison shopping site that indicates 100% of shoppers at HappyBalls.com during June 2006 were happy with its service.

“It’s not easy,” says Turner, “to make 100% of our customers happy. But it’s well worth the hard work to hear their feedback. We get dozens of emails from extremely satisfied customers and post some of their comments on our website.” While writing this article Turner got an email that said, “I love my antenna balls – they just make me SMILE!"

To find out more about HappyBalls.com or to order antenna toppers for you, your friends and family members, just go to HappyBalls.com on the Web. You can also sign up for the company’s free e-newsletter, Happy Ink Times, that unveils new antenna toppers regularly, as well as special offers.
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Press Contacts:
Gabriela Turner
Tel.: 1-888-HAPPY-67
E-mail: mail@happyballs.com

About HappyBalls

HappyBalls is the leading provider of antenna balls and pencil toppers on the internet. With over 500 different and unique items, you can always find something for someone.


Happy Fireman Antenna BallFirefighter Antenna Ball – A Rising Star Helping to Save Lives!

Cumming, GA, JANUARY 31, 2007 — A new star on the horizon these days, a little, round yellow antenna topper named “Happy Fireman,” has teamed up with television’s “Home Improvement” Richard Karn and “CHiPS” (California Highway Patrol) Erik Estrada to help save lives.

Nationwide, nearly 16,000 collisions take place every year because a growing number of drivers fail to pull to the right when emergency vehicles are using their lights and sirens to respond to emergency calls.

“Happy Fireman” and Erik Estrada are working together in campaign “Operation Right Move” by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) and the California Office of Traffic Safety. This campaign focuses on educating motorists when they hear sirens or air horns on the importance of yielding to emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks and police cars responding to emergency incidents. The campaign features eight simple Do’s and Don’ts to help motorists learn how and when they can help save lives by “pulling to the right.” For example, many motorists do not realize you should simply stop your vehicle where you are if you cannot pull to the right and stop; you should not shoot through an intersection or a red light to try to get out of an emergency vehicle’s way.


Campaign “You Can Prepare,” also from the LAFD with the Allstate Foundation and Universal Studios, teams “Happy Fireman” with Richard Karn to remind the public about emergency preparedness for disasters like earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, floods and mudslides. The campaign reminds us of the many lives lost, homes destroyed and people displaced by these disasters. It also provides a preparedness checklist that families and businesses can prepare before disaster strikes.

The veteran actors in both campaigns get help from “Happy Fireman” to make their points. A public service announcement (PSA) with “Happy Fireman” and Erik Estrada about yielding to emergency vehicles can be viewed online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIWkCSIJGGo. A PSA with “Happy Fireman” and Richard Karn can be viewed at lafd.org/youcanprepare.pdf.

“Happy Fireman” is one of over 500 antenna balls, including other emergency personnel toppers, sold by HappyBalls.com, a seven-year old Internet company that has grown to become one of the Internet’s largest online retailers of antenna balls and toppers, reports HappyBalls founder Jeremy Turner. New designs are added monthly, custom designed balls can be ordered, and discounts and monthly specials are available to its newsletter subscribers at HappyBalls.com.

“We knew our antenna balls were making people happy and helping them find their vehicles in crowded parking lots and garages,” says Turner, “but we were ecstatic to realize that they could help save lives, too!"

HappyBalls.com can also be contacted by telephone or fax, toll-free, at 1-888-HAPPY-67 (1-888-427-7967) and by e-mail at mail@happyballs.com. Its international telephone number is 1-678-513-0907;. Its offices are located at 4045 John Allyson Drive, Cumming, GA 30040 and are open 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. Messages will be responded to within 24 hours.

Press Contacts:
Gabriela Turner
Tel.: 1-888-HAPPY-67
E-mail: mail@happyballs.com

About HappyBalls

HappyBalls is the leading provider of antenna balls and pencil toppers on the internet. With over 500 different and unique items, you can always find something for someone.


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